K-12 Courses

  • Ivy Education uses A+ ny where learning system provided by American Education Corporation (AEC). AEC has consistently met the technical challenges of ever-changing delivery and deployment technologies, including Internet delivery, which has been required by the educational technology marketplace. At this time, the Company is a recognized leader in K-12 education and post-secondary college readiness with respect to assisting its school customers in the use of instructional technology. In 2010, AEC delivered 3.8 million hours of assessment and instruction to approximately 100,000 students.  
  • The A+ Learning System courseware contains over 5,500 lessons and over 200,000 content pages of research and objective-based, problem-solving courseware — plus assessment, alignment and curriculum management tools.
  • The assessment tools for the A+ Learning System are integral to the management system. Educators can create placement tests within the curriculum based on any national or state learning objective.

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